BP Business Card Designer
Mac software for creating custom business cards

Be creative with your own logo, your colors and your layouts.
Create and print beautiful, unique, pixel-perfect business card designs.

Feature Overview
One of a kind

Drag and drop, point and click. Be creative with your own logo, your colors and your layouts. Unique, pixel-perfect designs.
Your layouts

Design however you like. Craft your business cards in the traditional landscape mode, or if you prefer, go with the modern portrait style.
Print at home

Go from design to print within minutes. Print beautiful, professional business cards from your own printer!
Supports multiple business card templates:

  • 10 per letter sheet
  • 10 per letter sheet with center spacing
  • 10 per A4 sheet
  • 8 per letter sheet (edgeless printing)
  • 8 per A4 sheet (edgeless printing)
Free trial

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Start your design now by downloading the free trial.
Download free trial
Save & Share

Save card designs right on your computer for future edits. Easily export high resolution images for sharing and batch printing at commercial photoshops.
Print However You Like

Kick start your design from one of our professional templates OR go 100% organic and begin from a blank canvas.

Blue Penguin Business Card Designer provides you with lots of printing options.
Print preview screenshot of full sheet
Go from design to print in minutes

Click, print and go! Beautiful and professional business cards in minutes!
Print preview of full sheet design in portrait mode
Both landscape and portrait styles

Blue Penguin Business Card Designer auto rotates your designs for printing so everything fits perfectly.
Print preview of a single business card design
Print both sheets and single cards

If you only need one or two cards at a time, you can choose to print to any available business card locations on the paper.